Wardrobe Solutions

If you regularly open your wardrobe and declare, “I have nothing to wear!” Wardrobe Solutions will solve your problem.
Vicki will sort, pack, photograph your clothes, repair, alter and edit for you.

It can be hard to let go of ‘favourite’ pieces, but if they don’t fit you, suit you, or are simply ‘old hat’ you have to de-clutter.

Vicki will give you the courage to move on. Together you will review your existing wardrobe contents, and Vicki will show you how to wear the clothes and accessories you already have, with tips on how to update them.

Removing chaos will allow you to see the gaps in your current wardrobe and, armed with a considered list, shopping for new items will be easier.
It is a liberating experience!

STYLE SOLUTIONS recommend this package before embarking on a personal Shopping Solution.


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